What Channel Is the Astros Game on

What Channel Is the Astros Game on? A Comprehensive Guide

If you’re a fan of the Houston Astros, there’s nothing quite like catching their games live on television. However, with the multitude of channels available, it can sometimes be challenging to find the right one. In this article, we will explore the various channels that broadcast Astros games and provide you with some interesting facts about the team. Additionally, we’ll answer some common questions that fans often have. So, let’s dive right in!

Channels that Broadcast Astros Games:
1. AT&T SportsNet Southwest: The primary channel to catch the Houston Astros in action is AT&T SportsNet Southwest. This regional sports network is dedicated to covering all Astros games, providing comprehensive pre-game and post-game analysis, expert commentary, and exclusive interviews.

2. Fox Sports Southwest: Occasionally, some Astros games are broadcast on Fox Sports Southwest. This channel is widely available in Texas and Louisiana, among other regions, and serves as an alternative option to watch the team in action.

3. ESPN: The Houston Astros often feature in nationally televised games on ESPN. These games provide a broader audience with the opportunity to watch the team play, even if they are located outside the Astros’ regional market.

4. MLB Network: The MLB Network occasionally airs Astros games, particularly during high-profile matchups or postseason play. This channel offers in-depth coverage of Major League Baseball and is available to cable and satellite subscribers.

5. Local Broadcast Networks: Occasionally, local broadcast networks in Houston, such as ABC, NBC, or CBS affiliates, may pick up certain Astros games. These games are typically broadcast when there is a high level of local interest or during special events.

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Interesting Facts about the Houston Astros:
1. Historic World Series Win: In 2017, the Houston Astros won their first-ever World Series championship. The team’s victory came after a thrilling seven-game series against the Los Angeles Dodgers, solidifying their place in baseball history.

2. Talented Young Core: The Astros boast a talented roster, including some of the game’s brightest young stars. Players like Jose Altuve, Alex Bregman, and Carlos Correa have consistently showcased their skills, making the Astros a perennial contender.

3. Legendary Pitchers: The Astros have had their fair share of legendary pitchers. From Nolan Ryan to Justin Verlander, the team has been home to some of the most dominant arms in baseball history.

4. Retired Numbers: The Astros have retired several numbers to honor their greatest players. These include numbers 5 (Jeff Bagwell), 7 (Craig Biggio), 24 (Jimmy Wynn), 25 (Jose Cruz), 32 (Jim Umbricht), 33 (Mike Scott), and 34 (Nolan Ryan).

5. Iconic Stadium: The Astros play their home games at Minute Maid Park, an iconic stadium in downtown Houston. Known for its retractable roof and unique features, such as the train above left-center field, the stadium provides an exceptional experience for fans.

Common Questions about Astros Games:

1. What time do Astros games usually start?
Astros games typically start in the evening, around 7:00 PM Central Time. However, some games may have different start times, especially during weekends or special events.

2. How can I find out which channel is broadcasting the game?
The best way to find out which channel is broadcasting the Astros game is checking your local TV listings or using online sports schedules. Additionally, the team’s official website and social media accounts often provide updates on televised games.

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3. Can I watch Astros games online?
Yes, you can watch Astros games online through various streaming platforms. AT&T SportsNet Southwest, for example, offers live streaming options for cable and satellite subscribers. Additionally, some games may be available for streaming on MLB.TV or through ESPN’s streaming services.

4. Are Astros games broadcast in Spanish?
Yes, select Astros games are broadcast in Spanish on local radio and television channels. This provides an opportunity for Spanish-speaking fans to enjoy the games with commentary in their preferred language.

5. Can I watch Astros games outside of Texas?
Yes, nationally televised Astros games can be watched outside of Texas, as they are broadcast on networks like ESPN or the MLB Network. However, regional channels like AT&T SportsNet Southwest may be subject to blackout restrictions for viewers outside the designated market.

6. Are there any radio stations that broadcast Astros games?
Yes, several radio stations in Houston and surrounding areas broadcast Astros games, providing an alternative way to follow the team’s progress.

7. Are there any special game-day traditions at Minute Maid Park?
Yes, Minute Maid Park has various game-day traditions, including the “Train Whistle” that sounds when the Astros hit a home run and the “Crawford Boxes” in left field, which are known for the potential of catching a home run ball.

8. How can I buy tickets for Astros games?
Tickets for Astros games can be purchased through the team’s official website, at the Minute Maid Park box office, or through authorized ticketing platforms.

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9. Are there any discounts available for Astros tickets?
The Houston Astros occasionally offer special promotions and discounts on tickets. These can be found on their website or through their social media channels.

10. Can I bring outside food or drinks to Minute Maid Park?
Outside food and drinks are not permitted inside Minute Maid Park, with a few exceptions for medical needs or ba food.

11. Is there parking available at Minute Maid Park?
Yes, there are several parking lots and garages available near Minute Maid Park for fans attending games. However, it is advisable to arrive early, as parking can get crowded.

12. Can I bring a bag to the game?
Minute Maid Park has a clear bag policy, which means only clear plastic bags or small clutch purses are permitted inside the stadium.

13. Can I bring my camera to take photos during the game?
Non-professional cameras are generally allowed inside Minute Maid Park, although selfie sticks and professional camera equipment are prohibited.

14. Can I bring my pet to the game?
With the exception of service animals, pets are not allowed inside Minute Maid Park during Astros games.

In conclusion, catching the Houston Astros games on television is an exhilarating experience. By knowing the various channels that broadcast the games and having some interesting facts about the team in your arsenal, you can fully immerse yourself in the excitement of Astros baseball. So, grab your snacks, settle in front of the TV, and enjoy the game!

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