What Channel Is the Cavs Game on

Title: What Channel Is the Cavs Game On? A Comprehensive Guide


Basketball enthusiasts and Cleveland Cavaliers fans eagerly anticipate watching their favorite team in action on game days. However, keeping track of which channel broadcasts the Cavs game can sometimes be a challenge. In this article, we will explore the various channels that air Cleveland Cavaliers games, along with five interesting facts about the team. Additionally, we will provide answers to 14 common questions related to Cavs game broadcasts.

What Channel Is the Cavs Game On?

The Cleveland Cavaliers games are primarily broadcast on two channels: Fox Sports Ohio and ESPN. These channels offer comprehensive coverage of the team’s regular-season and playoff games, ensuring fans don’t miss a single moment of thrilling basketball action.

Five Interesting Facts about the Cleveland Cavaliers:

1. Championships and LeBron James: The Cleveland Cavaliers won their first-ever NBA championship in 2016, defeating the Golden State Warriors in a historic comeback. This victory was particularly significant because it marked the first major professional sports championship for Cleveland since 1964. LeBron James, a former Cavs player, played a pivotal role in leading the team to this remarkable triumph.

2. The Wine and Gold Colors: The Cavaliers team colors, wine, and gold, symbolize the rich heritage and history of the region. The wine color represents the deep red wine produced in the Northeast Ohio region, while gold signifies the prosperity and success that Cleveland aims to achieve.

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3. Mascot: The Cavaliers’ mascot, Moondog, adds an extra touch of excitement during the games. Moondog is a lovable character, wearing sunglasses, a Cavaliers jersey, and sporting a rock-and-roll-inspired persona. His energetic presence keeps the fans engaged and entertained throughout the games.

4. Quicken Loans Arena: Also known as “The Q,” Quicken Loans Arena is the home court for the Cleveland Cavaliers. Located in downtown Cleveland, this state-of-the-art arena can hold over 20,000 fans. It has hosted numerous memorable moments in Cavaliers history, including the team’s NBA championship celebrations.

5. Legendary Players: The Cleveland Cavaliers have been home to some legendary players throughout their history. Notable names include LeBron James, who spent two stints with the team and is widely regarded as one of the greatest players in NBA history. Other notable players who have donned the Cavaliers jersey include Kyrie Irving, Kevin Love, and Brad Daugherty.

14 Common Questions about Cavs Game Broadcasts:

1. What channel broadcasts Cleveland Cavaliers games?
Answer: The Cavs games are primarily televised on Fox Sports Ohio and ESPN.

2. Are Cavs games available on national television?
Answer: Yes, select Cavs games are aired nationally on channels like ESPN, ABC, and TNT.

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3. Can I stream Cavs games online?
Answer: Yes, you can stream Cavs games online through various platforms like NBA League Pass, cable provider apps, and streaming services that offer Fox Sports Ohio and ESPN.

4. Do local Cleveland networks broadcast Cavs games?
Answer: Yes, local networks such as Fox Sports Ohio air a majority of the Cavs games.

5. Are there any blackouts for Cavs games?
Answer: Blackouts occur when a game is being broadcasted on a national network or local TV station. In these cases, the game might be unavailable in certain regions.

6. Is there a dedicated Cavs channel?
Answer: No, there isn’t a dedicated channel solely for the Cleveland Cavaliers.

7. Can I watch Cavs games for free?
Answer: While some games might be available for free on national networks, most games require a cable subscription or streaming service.

8. Which cable providers offer Fox Sports Ohio?
Answer: Major cable providers like Comcast, Spectrum, and AT&T offer Fox Sports Ohio as part of their sports packages.

9. Can I watch Cavs games on my mobile device?
Answer: Yes, you can watch Cavs games on your mobile device through streaming apps provided your cable or satellite TV provider.

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10. Are Cavs games available on satellite TV?
Answer: Yes, Cavs games can be watched on satellite TV providers such as DIRECTV and DISH Network.

11. Can I watch Cavs games on YouTube TV or Hulu Live TV?
Answer: Yes, both YouTube TV and Hulu Live TV offer Fox Sports Ohio and ESPN, allowing you to watch Cavs games.

12. Are there any alternative ways to watch Cavs games?
Answer: Yes, you can visit sports bars or restaurants that have cable subscriptions to watch the game.

13. How can I find the Cavs game schedule?
Answer: The official Cleveland Cavaliers website, NBA website, and sports news websites provide the Cavs game schedule.

14. Are Cavs games available on radio?
Answer: Yes, you can listen to Cavs games on the official team radio station, WTAM 1100 AM, or through its online streaming service.


Knowing which channels broadcast the Cleveland Cavaliers games is essential for fans to enjoy each exhilarating moment. Fox Sports Ohio and ESPN are the primary channels for Cavs game coverage. Additionally, understanding interesting facts about the team, such as their championship victory in 2016 and their iconic home court, adds to the excitement and appreciation for the Cleveland Cavaliers.

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