What Channel Is the Lakers Game on Directv

What Channel Is the Lakers Game on Directv?

If you are a Los Angeles Lakers fan and a subscriber to Directv, you might often find yourself wondering which channel is airing the Lakers game. With numerous channels available, it can be confusing to know exactly where to tune in. To help you out, we have compiled all the information you need to catch the Lakers game on Directv, along with some interesting facts about the team.

1. Spectrum SportsNet: The primary channel for Lakers games on Directv is Spectrum SportsNet. Spectrum SportsNet is a regional sports network that exclusively covers the Lakers. It provides comprehensive coverage of all Lakers games, including pre-game and post-game analysis, interviews, and behind-the-scenes footage. To find Spectrum SportsNet on Directv, tune in to channel 691.

2. NBA TV: In addition to Spectrum SportsNet, you can also catch some Lakers games on NBA TV. NBA TV is a national sports network that broadcasts a variety of games from different teams across the league. While not every Lakers game is aired on NBA TV, you can still enjoy some exciting matchups. To access NBA TV on Directv, tune in to channel 216.

3. ESPN and TNT: ESPN and TNT are two popular national sports networks that broadcast NBA games, including Lakers games. These networks often feature marquee matchups and games with high stakes. To find ESPN on Directv, tune in to channel 206, and for TNT, tune in to channel 245. Keep in mind that Lakers games on ESPN and TNT might be subject to blackout restrictions in your area.

4. NBA League Pass: If you want to catch every Lakers game, regardless of whether it is televised nationally or regionally, NBA League Pass is your go-to option. NBA League Pass is a subscription-based service that allows you to stream live NBA games on various devices. With NBA League Pass, you can watch every Lakers game from the comfort of your home. To subscribe to NBA League Pass, visit their official website.

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5. DirecTV Sports Pack: Lastly, if you are a die-hard Lakers fan and want access to a wide range of sports channels, including regional and national networks, consider subscribing to the DirecTV Sports Pack. The DirecTV Sports Pack offers over 35 sports channels, ensuring you never miss a Lakers game or any other sporting event. To add the DirecTV Sports Pack to your subscription, contact DirecTV customer service.

Now that you know where to find Lakers games on Directv, let’s address some commonly asked questions.

1. Can I watch Lakers games on DirecTV without cable?
Yes, you can watch Lakers games on DirecTV without cable. DirecTV is a satellite television provider that offers Lakers games through various sports channels, such as Spectrum SportsNet, NBA TV, ESPN, and TNT.

2. Can I watch Lakers games on DirecTV Now?
Yes, you can watch Lakers games on DirecTV Now. DirecTV Now is a streaming service provided DirecTV that allows you to stream live television, including Lakers games, over the internet.

3. What is the cost of NBA League Pass?
The cost of NBA League Pass varies depending on the package you choose. Prices can range from $28.99 per month to $249.99 for the full season package. There are also options for purchasing single-team packages, which may be more cost-effective for Lakers fans.

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4. Are Lakers games subject to blackout restrictions?
Yes, Lakers games can be subject to blackout restrictions, especially when they are broadcast on national networks like ESPN and TNT. These restrictions are imposed to protect the rights of local broadcasters and encourage attendance at live games.

5. Can I record Lakers games on DirecTV?
Yes, you can record Lakers games on DirecTV using the DVR (Digital Video Recorder) feature. Simply schedule the game you want to record, and you can watch it at your convenience.

6. Can I watch Lakers games on my mobile device?
Yes, you can watch Lakers games on your mobile device with the NBA app or the DirecTV app. NBA League Pass subscribers can stream games on their smartphones and tablets, while DirecTV subscribers can use the DirecTV app to watch Lakers games on the go.

7. What time do Lakers games usually start?
Lakers game times can vary, but most games start around 7:30 PM Pacific Time. However, there may be exceptions for nationally televised games or games with a different start time due to scheduling conflicts.

8. Can I watch Lakers games in high definition (HD)?
Yes, you can watch Lakers games in high definition. As long as you have an HD television and a DirecTV HD receiver, you can enjoy the game in stunning high definition.

9. Are Lakers games available in Spanish on DirecTV?
Yes, some Lakers games are available in Spanish on DirecTV. Spectrum SportsNet offers a secondary channel, Spectrum Deportes, which broadcasts select games in Spanish.

10. Can I watch Lakers games on Directv in other states?
Yes, you can watch Lakers games on Directv in other states, but availability may vary. Spectrum SportsNet, the primary channel for Lakers games, is only available in Southern California and parts of Nevada and Hawaii. However, nationally televised games on ESPN, TNT, and NBA TV are accessible nationwide.

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11. Can I watch Lakers games on Directv in Canada?
No, Directv is not available in Canada. However, Canadian Lakers fans can catch games through various Canadian sports networks, such as TSN and Sportsnet.

12. Can I watch Lakers games on Directv in bars or restaurants?
Yes, many bars and restaurants have Directv subscriptions and may broadcast Lakers games. Check with your local establishment to see if they offer Lakers game viewing.

13. Can I watch Lakers games on Directv in hotels?
Yes, many hotels offer Directv subscriptions that include sports channels like Spectrum SportsNet, ESPN, and TNT. Contact your hotel to inquire about Lakers game availability.

14. What if I miss a Lakers game? Can I watch the replay on Directv?
If you miss a Lakers game, you can typically watch the replay on Directv. Check the on-demand or replay section of your Directv guide to find the game you missed.

In conclusion, as a Directv subscriber, you have various options to catch the Lakers game, including Spectrum SportsNet, NBA TV, ESPN, and TNT. You can also consider subscribing to NBA League Pass or adding the DirecTV Sports Pack for comprehensive coverage. Remember, Lakers game availability may vary depending on your location and the type of subscription you have. Enjoy the game and cheer on the Lakers!

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